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When his younger brother is chosen for a ritual sacrifice, young hunter Ethan starts believing the claims of a strange young Woman, who struggles to remember the forgotten civilized world she came from – and embarks with her on a journey to find the mythical city of the gods – and discover the origins of his primitive world.


In a vast barren wasteland, there is one human settlement left. They are dying out under the leadership of AMON, a zealous priest who believes the gods will save them, when they prove to be worthy.


When his younger brother finds a strange buried capsule with a mysterious young WOMAN inside, ETHAN, a capable young hunter, brings her into the settlement. The people accept her as an omen of salvation, but her fragmented memories, which she confides in Ethan, bring their beliefs into question.


When Amon chooses his brother among the ones who will be sacrificed, Ethan, along with the Woman, embarks upon a journey to find the mythical city of the gods. On this quest, Ethan and the Woman begin discovering what happened to the modern world that collapsed centuries ago, after a scientist discovered a universal cure that stopped human aging, but caused consequences that proved to be fatal.


Could the Woman be the key to finding out the truth about the past, and the only possible future of humanity?

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Production company: Void Pictures
Co-production company: Telekom Serbia
Supported by: Film Center Serbia
Language: English
Genre: SciFi / Adventure / Thriller / Action
Director: Filip Kovacevic
Producers: Filip Kovacevic, Djordje Stankovic, Vukota Antunovic
Attached cast: Nina Kiri (The Handmaids Tale, See)
Script: Filip Kovacevic, Filip Jevtic
Co-writers: Daniel Schaffer, Vladimir Mancic
Country of production: Serbia
Running time: approx. 110min
Current status of production: Seeking for co-production partners in order to close
financial gap, casting and distribution


ABSOLUTION presents a captivating exploration of a dystopian future, immersing viewers in a world ravaged by a catastrophic downfall, catalyzed by humanity’s most primal fear – mortality. Seamlessly blending elements of mythology, action-adventure, and the coming-of-age genre, the film weaves a compelling narrative centered on the enigmatic Woman and her profound influence on the protagonist, Ethan.


Through Ethan’s eyes, we witness a post-apocalyptic landscape rife with mystery and danger, as he unearths the hidden truths of his reality and the enigma that is the Woman. The film delves into both the forgotten history of mankind and the harsh realities of its present, igniting thought-provoking questions that mirror our own existence.


At the core of the story is Ethan, a young hunter haunted by emotional scars from his past. As the tale unfolds from his perspective, the audience can closely follow the nuanced emotional dynamics between him and the Woman. She guides him on an enthralling journey, one that challenges him not only externally but also internally, urging him to evolve emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Their symbiotic relationship serves as a conduit for growth, as Ethan embarks on a treacherous path to decipher the mysteries shrouding their world.


Through relentless exploration and self-discovery, Ethan ultimately conquers not only the mysteries of his realm but also his own inner demons. This transformative odyssey leads him to emerge as a beacon of leadership, offering his people a chance at redemption and resurgence. The film’s strength lies in its ability to make the epic narrative intimately relatable, anchoring viewers in the visceral experience of Ethan’s emotional journey. As civilization’s fall and rebirth are woven through his personal narrative, ABSOLUTION becomes a mirror reflecting the universal struggles of humanity, making for a deeply resonant, emotionally charged cinematic experience.

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ABSOLUTION is a feature film project that has a unique selling point – it is a pioneering dystopian sci-fi adventure originating from Eastern Europe intended to be filmed in English for an international market and is currently on track for production in autumn 2024.

The film presents an original, captivating and thought provoking dystopian world, complemented by a suspenseful and emotionally engaging storyline.

Through a well-crafted narrative structure and nuanced characters, we intend to bring this story to life with a grounded, realistic and communicative design and direction.

The publicity already generated by the project, including an article in Variety, highlights its strong commercial potential with an artistic dimension.

The planned distribution strategy for the film will target all international markets with a focus on the very passionate and dedicated group of sci-fi and fantasy fans.

The distribution methods foreseen include theatrical release and digital distribution.

The marketing strategy for the film will utilize a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods to generate intrigue and buzz.

High-quality trailers, TV spots, stills and posters will be the main marketing assets.

The social media campaign will leverage international cast members to promote the film through their handles.

The creative team will focus on creating an effective main trailer that conceals the story’s futuristic setting and showcases glimpses of scenes from the second half of the film to generate a sense of intrigue and mystery.

Non-traditional marketing methods will include a social media viral campaign, that will use assets such as the video of Dr. Nathaniel Hedlon’s keynote presentation, in which he revealed VITA to the world, centuries before the events of the film, and a collapsed website of the once thriving bio-tech conglomerate – Bio-Syn corporation.

This will allow for the audience to actively discuss and participate in the mystery surrounding VITA, its purpose and consequences that led to the collapse of the modern world.

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